Zan's Quest Book I of                   The Chandaran Chronicles      

         Alta's Revenge Book II of              The Chandaran Chronicles     

Gabriel Warlock 
The youngest Warlock ever to serve  
Working for a secret government agency known as the Warlocks, Gabriel is a modern-day warrior sworn to protect mankind from the ravages of  werewolves.  Along with his trusted friend Apollo, the grey wolf, he fights to save all of humanity in the new series out now! 
The Forbidden Quest
Book III of   T he
    Chandaran Chronicles 

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Husband, father, grandfather and world traveler, this warrior-poet, middle school teacher and ever questoning Historian has unleashed his vivid imagination in the creation of the Chandaran Chronicles and the Warlock Mysteries series. These young adult/middle grades science fiction-fantasy novels are appropriate for all ages and have been given rave reviews by young and old alike